cx015 – 영혼

영혼 is an experience aiming to connect people with an extension of themselves. 

영혼 means ‘Soul’ in Korean. 

Soul is often something we cannot define. Some think it exists, and others think it doesn’t exist. 

This experience proposes an abstract interpretation of the concept of Soul. 

At first, people don’t know how to behave in front of this screen but they get to understand by themselves as they are “forced” to wear a breathing mask. Breath is one of the most characteristic things of living beings. Breath is also the tightest connection humans can have with their environment. Breath takes outside particles to the most inner parts of the body. Humans breathe around 16 times per minute, unconsciously. 

After a few breaths, people begin to relax and start making a symbiosis with these abstract shapes. 

There are 4 different shapes, people usually prefer different shapes than each other. 

When they are relaxed people can see the abstract shape on the screen as a mirror of their inner-self. 

This project tries to demonstrate the human capability of connecting with everything. Humans are complex emphatic living beings. Feelings are independent of understandings.

Software: Touchdesigner

Hardware: Arduino, CO2 sensor, Kinect

Music: Fatima Al Qadiri – Power

cxlso – 영혼 – 2018