cx016 – suprasonic symbiosis

Suprasonic Symbiosis aims at re-establishing a connection between humans and their food using a modern approach.

In modern society, hyper specification of human labor puts distance between living beings, their environment, and their own bodies. In order to rehumanize humans, and beyond, super-humanize them, they need to reconnect with their nature and their metabolism. 

One of the fundamental needs of any living species is nutrition. I, therefore, consider that it’s one of the first points which every human has to fully understand and take part in the process. 

Nowadays, technology and scientific knowledge allow humans to be self-sufficient enough without losing their comfort.

Spirulina appears to be a key element to self-sufficiency. In fact, spirulina grows quickly and contains 70% of protein plus a lot more useful nutrients. To strengthen the relationship between humans and spirulina I decided to give a voice to the latter.

For this installation, I’ve connected spirulina strains in their tubes to Ableton through a capacitive sensor made with an Arduino.

The original goal was to sense the electrical activity of the spirulina to convert it into a midi signal usable by the computer. When a person would touch a tube, the signal would have been amplified and modulated.

Unfortunately, even though spirulina cells do emit an electromagnetic field, like other living beings, it needs a very fine sensor to be measured. 

Thus, my project is only an interface to the human touch. It becomes a three-dimensional musical instrument.

cxlso – Suprasonic Symbiosis – 2018