cx031 – hanvision.exe

[Screen capture from the playable VR project HanVision.exe]

What if humanity took the wrong path throughout its evolution? 

I already have my answer. This is basically the starting point of all my projects.

In order to explore the answer to this question, I use a naturalist approach. I observe and feel my environment then I accumulate these emotions and spit them back into a medium as a catharsis. My goal is always to give people a chance to see their usual environment from another perspective. Breaking the monotony by the shock of forced introspection. 

Korea is gaining popularity and is usually portrayed as an efficient, modern, and exemplary country. However, while staying here I’ve learnt that this statement should be nuanced. Nothing is perfect and Korea too. On a different level and proportions, Korea is facing the same problem as other modernized countries. And I felt the need to capture this situation into a project.

Because of its history, I suppose that Korea as a country is now trying to affirm its identity in this globalized world. With the following work, I’m trying to show modern Korea as a patchwork of trauma, an urbanized Korea that is endlessly recovering, looking for the right way to exist as an independent country.

HanVision.exe is a poetic virtual audiovisual exploration through a condensate of physical leftovers and digitized human memory fragments coming from the perpetual culture shock inside modern Korea.

What you see are 3D scans of objects in Seoul, objects that we see every day everywhere but after some time living here, we don’t pay attention to them anymore.

What you hear are banal memories of random people that are common to other citizens or at least bring up related memories.

Special thanks:

Damla Soyer for hardware and mental support. Sungjin Kim for helping arrange the Korean memories and a lot more. Yuna Shin for making the English translation perfect. And big thanks to each one of you, people of Korea, who were part of my journey. Your memories will forever be remembered. 

Gospel Remembrance, Pansori Spell is the audio only version of this project. 

Download and try the VR interactive experience HanVision.exe yourself (Windows Only).

cxlso – HanVision.exe – 2020