cx033 – club simulation

Now more than ever, the simulation theory is legitimate for many reasons.

Amid the current global pandemic, human interconnections through the internet skyrocketed. Our digital self has literally been more active than our physical self.

I previously thought virtual life wouldn’t be as cool as real life but some made me see things otherwise.

Indeed, pioneers such as Club Quarantine, Fortnite concerts, Club Matryoshka, or Naxcorps’ Afterlife virtual events paved the way to a full virtual life experience.

When I first listened to Club Simulation, I directly thought this track was part of this revolution and this is what I wanted to picture with the music video.

The music video for Club Simulation is basically inspired by modern 3D video games and virtual reality experiences where the viewer is both the player and the cinematographer.

While listening to Sonia’s track, I saw a rave party in the jungle, crazy stroboscopic lights everywhere, and beautiful creatures dancing freely and having fun together. I felt like I wanted to incarnate them. In order to reproduce my vision, I chose to articulate the story around three elements: a landscape, fairytale-like creatures, and black fluid.

We see creatures looking like cute animals made out of light from another world dancing peacefully in their habitat, a pixelated jungle, then the black fluid coming from the sky as a sourceless waterfall washes everything away. 

As always with my creations, people are free to interpret them however they want.

Although I can give some hints in the way I see things evolving. The black wave could represent the backlash of big tech companies washing our digital selves through their empire. Taking our spirit, our love, our human conditions away. Unfortunately, losing our physical selves and migrating to big tech companies’ owned internet life is synonymous with taking the risk of alienation. We need to fight against that.

From a more technical perspective, the way I made this video is maybe even more representative of this virtual life revolution. The landscape is a 3D scan of a swampy old forest from my hometown, the creature, and the fluid simulation is made on the open-source 3D software: Blender, and everything was brought together in the famous free video game engine that is promoting the creation of virtual worlds: Unreal Engine. This engine allowed me to set a virtual stage, play the actors and shoot the sequences through a real-time camera piloted by myself in the physical world through a VR headset and a controller. It felt for me like shooting a real-life movie with my DSLR camera except that, this time, on the other side of the lens everything was virtual.

cxlso – Club Simulation – 2021